Spotify and Facebook, sitting in a tree?

Rumours have been flying around the online community that Facebook and Spotify could be teaming up to form some sort of crazy online mega-machine that will crush everything in its wake. Watch out interwebs!

The rumours have circulated on a pretty flimsy pretext, mind you; Facebook big boy Mark Zuckerberg posted a status update on his own site which read ‘Spotify is so good’. Hmm. Daniel Ek at Spotify said a couple of months ago that a Spotify app would be appearing on Facebook, but nothing has materialised since.

Meanwhile talks are apparently ongoing behind the scenes between the two companies, while Li Ka-Shing, who bankrolls Facebook, has appointed INQ’s CEO onto the board of Spotify as well as pumping $50million into the company. As if by coincidence, INQ makes phones with the best Facebook integration out there. Food for thought or what?

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