We at Digitaledge love Apple, and the shiny, only-a-bit-overpriced contraptions of delight they make. But we must admit they are a bit hardcore when it comes to secrecy, and reputation issues. And sometimes it just seems they lack a sense of humour.

Sometimes like, for example, now. As an ultra-successful businessman, visionary and all-round Big Successful Dude - and one significantly more interesting than the usual tech company suit - Steve Jobs has been the subject of a fair few parodies over the years. The most famous, probably, is the Fake Steve Jobs blog, which briefly set the internet alight a couple of years ago. But the most popular these days is @CEOSteveJobs. The Twitter-based parody has over 380,000 followers and is one of the funniest fake celebrity accounts on Twitter.

But maybe not for long. Apple is apparentlytargeting the account for removal or alteration. California recently passed laws against online impersonation, and they're using them - both Apple and Twitter - to demand Twitter make changes to the account. The mystery person behind it has already updated the description to make clear it's a joke, but no-one knows if that'll be enough to satisfy The Steve.

We suppose it must be weird to have a fake Twitter account talking on your behalf - though not as bad as having a hit hatchet-job movie made about you, we bet.

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