Splosion Man developer accuses Capcom of plagiarism

A developer from Twisted Pixel Games has accused games giant Capcom of plagiarising their XBLA game Splosion Man in order to make their third-rate iPhone game MaXplosion (the third-rate comment is ours, by the way, any lawyers out there).

The Japanese company has marketed their game on the App Store as a platformer in which protagonist Max has ‘the ability to explode at will allowing you to bounce off surfaces and reach far flung locations’. Sound familiar? Needless to say Twisted Pixel aren’t very happy about it, but they might just have to go along with it.

‘MaXplosion gameplay video makes me sad,’ said Mick Henry, who helped program Splosion man, on Twitter. ‘If you're going to outright steal a game, you should at least understand what makes it fun. Never thought I'd see the day when the 'exploding man' genre was overcrowded. Borrowing is great. Hell, we do it all the time. But that game is a complete theft.’

Meanwhile Twisted Pixel’s co-founder and CEO was equally outraged, and suggested that Capcom ripped them off because they knew that they were a much bigger company and could do what they wanted.

‘I'll always love Capcom bc of what they brought to my childhood, but WTF have they turned into?’ he asked, also on Twitter. ‘First they lose Inafune, now this (and) itsashame (sic). Best part is, we originally pitched @Splosion_Man to Capcom and they said no.

‘Not sure what to say about MaXplosion. Pisses me off. Guess we're just gonna have to make a better iPhone game than them. Shouldn't be hard.’

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