Splash some colour on your iDevice

After that crazy slew of Google news, here's a nice Apple story to cleanse your palate. Got an iPhone 4 or iPad? Got a case for it yet? No? You mean you didn't want the case with a keyboard, the case that doubles as a fan, the case that looks like a Moleskine notebook or the case that also toasts bread? (OK, we made that one up.)

How about a case which doesn't try to turn your iDevice into something it's not, but just adds a lovely splash of colour? We've got to admit we're pretty smitten with these new Pantone cases, each featuring a solid block of pure colour approved by the color experts.

You'll get approving nods from bespectacled design hipsters, who'll be able to quickly check the label at the bottom of each case to see exactly what colour you're sporting. Will it be 7462 (blue)? Or 354 (green)? Whatever your preference, the cases - in nine colours overall - are available now from case specialists Case Scenario.

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