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Spiderman games have always been particularly popular on various video game systems, however up until recently there has been a real lack of quality when it comes to the finished product. With so many titles failing to nail the basics of the Spidey experience it's not surprising that many people had given up on them altogether.

But that didn't stop Quebec based Beenox from taking over development duties for the franchise in 2008 when they began working on Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions for Activision. As self proclaimed fans of the comics, the team wanted to do something that had never been done before and deliver a truly top class Spiderman experience.

Rather than taking the same approach as previous Spiderman games and basing the title on either a movie or the animated TV series, Beenox decided that the rich and detailed history of the Spiderman comic book universe would be a much better setting for its first attempt at the series - and they were correct.

Shattered Dimensions was a fine title with an interesting premise. You played as four different Spidermen, namely The Amazing Spiderman, Spiderman Noire, Spiderman 2099 and Ultimate Spiderman. With each making their way through a series of levels in their own distinct time zone with their own individual abilities, there was tremendous balance to the game, and it received a Metacritic average of 76% - a fine score by most standards.

Beenox followed this with Spiderman: Edge of Time. With a similar approach, flitting through different time periods, it wasn't quite as well received as Shattered Dimensons, and many began to question whether or not Beenox still had it in them to produce another good Spiderman game.

The Amazing Spiderman

The answer to that question came in mid 2012 when The Amazing Spiderman was released. While tying in with the movie of the same name starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, the latest of the Spiderman games again failed to make much of an impression on critics.

While it wasn't universally criticised, the general concensus was that it could and should have been so much better than it actually was, and it was severely hamstrung by some repetitive gameplay. However it also features a number of bits of trivia that make it a great selection for fans of the comic books - even if it doesn't quite live up to the standards set by Shattered Dimensions.

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