Specialized Bikes are top of the range

The avid cyclist should seriously consider buying a Specialized bike when taking design and performance into account.

The Specialized company was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard, a cycling enthusiast, who started out by importing bike parts that were difficult to get. In 1976 the company started to produce its own bike parts and in 1981 produced the first mountain bike available to the general public. This bike was called the Specialized Stumpjumper and started the mountain bike revolution.

The Specialized Company motto is 'Innovate or Die' and the company has lived up to that motto since it was founded, constantly striving to improve its bikes and cycling related products.

There are 25 different type of Specialized bike produced nowadays and these include mountain bikes, road bikes for men and women, and hybrid bikes. The company also manufactures a full range of cycling accessories including helmets.

In every famous cycling event such as the Tour de France or the Tour of Britain, one will see a specialized bike being ridden. The Festina team was supplied by Specialist and the company also sponsors a number of individual riders such as Sam Hill.

These bikes do not come cheap but are top of the range and worth every penny spent on them. Most specialist bike shops stock a full range and eBay is worth checking out if intending to buy yourself a specialized bike.


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