Spam King dethroned

A Facebook spammer has been ordered to pay $711million in damages after bombarding the social networking site with junk mail. Sam Wallace, also known as the ‘Spam King’, from Las Vegas, gained access to Facebook members' accounts and sent out fake wall posts and messages.

Judge Jeremy Fogul told those in the San Jose court that not only does bankrupt Wallace have to stump up the cash, but he and anyone associated with him are now banned from accessing the website. Not that it will bother him much; MySpace won $230million from him last May and he was also fined $4million by the Federal Trade Commission for excessive pop-up advertising in 2006. However, he could also be jailed for this offence.

‘Most notably, the judge referred Wallace to the U.S. Attorney's Office with a request that Wallace be prosecuted for criminal contempt, which means that in addition to the judgment, he now faces possible jail time,’ read a statement from Facebook which was put up on their site. ‘We will continue to pursue damages against other spammers.’ So watch out.

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