Space invader

Space! The final frontier. Magnificent, desolate, bleak. Oh, and full of junk.

Yes, we've littered the void with satellites, shuttle refuse, etc. And now there's a new piece of electronic crap to be put up into space: a mobile phone.

Eh?, you ask. Yes, it seems odd - what use is a phone up there? Is there even any signal?

Well, suffice to say, it's Science. The phone will be used to control a small satellite to take pictures of the Earth. It's part of a project to reduce the cost of space science projects by using everyday electronics.

We don't know which mobile phone it'll be, though we know it'll run Google's Android operating system. Given that it needs to be light, but power and battery life are important, we'd suggest they use the thin new Google/Samsung Nexus S.

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