Sour Apple

Jobs, you turtle-necked monster! Won't you let us have any fun?

Not content with slowly taking control of the entire media universe, Apple has reportedly been engaging in a bit of thought control with regard to the way iPad app developers advertise their products.

American newspaper Newsday put together a cute video for their new iPad app, showing all the things it can do that a normal newspaper can do - and one that it can't.

Cute, huh? The ad went viral pretty quickly, but then - just a few hours later - it was taken down. (What you see above is a copy someone made, the original posting has been deleted.) Apparently the ad was taken down by demand of none other than Apple.

In fairness, their point is a good one - the ad shows the iPad's glass shattering dangerously into big, flying chunks, when the iPad's toughened glass would really just shatter neatly in place. But still, come on, Jobs! You're a gazillionaire! Why not relax a bit?

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