The very best sound systems for cars

Finding great sound systems for cars can be difficult. There are generally no package deals so you will have to put one together yourself. We have found some of the best core components to set you off down the right track. First things first, you need a decent stereo.

Audiovox VME-9309 Motorised 7": This is a beautiful car stereo with a 7'' monitor that flips out. It comes with two auxiliary inputs to ensure that you can connect up your external devices, games consoles etc. It also has touch screen capability making the whole process of track selection, radio scanning or flipping through movie chapters a breeze.

You can connect your iPhone, bluetooth headset or mp3 player with ease and of course you have a 3 band eq to tinker with. This amazing piece of kit is available from the caraudiocenter.co.uk website for only £199! This normally retails at £499 so get it while it's reduced.

Pioneer GM-6200F: This is a fantastic amplifier from Pioneer that will ensure you get the best level of volume while maintaining the quality. Of course you will need a sick set of speakers to hold up to this but we'll get on to that.

Thanks to the bridgable 4 channel system you can pump out either 4 x 120W or 2 x 300W, now that's some serious power. Of course you will have input gain control and it is simple to set up as long as you stick to the guides! The Pioneer GM-6200GF is available for £139.99 at the Car Audio Center.

Audiobahn AWC10T 10 inch subwoofer: This little beauty can kick out 800watts of power while still leaving you some trunk space. The kit comes with two sub speakers and a housing so you can fit the whole thing neatly in the boot of your car.This is a fantastic sub available for only £99.99 at CAS.

Last but not least... speakers.

Focal Polyglass 690CVX 6x9 2-way: For only £149.99 you can pick up these incredible 6x9 2 channel speakers. Coupling the subwoofer with the 2-80 watts RMS power you are going to have a serious car sound system.

There you have it, one of the best sound systems for cars for under a grand!

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