Sort your ;-)'s from your 8-/'s

Emoticons. You either love 'em - :-) - or hate 'em - :-(. Or you might just find them baffling - >;-( - or jaw-dropping - :-O.

Or you might just think they're a load of *%£*$%*.

If you're a fan, though, then you probably tire of fiddling around with key combinations to craft the right emotion for the moment. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just press a button for each one, like with letters?

Somebody, somewhere, clearly thought this was a good idea, because here it is - the emoticon keyboard. The ridiculous peripheral was shown off at the CES conference last month and snapped by Geek.com. It's packing a total of 16 keys, each perfectly encapsulating a different aspect of the human experience. Or you could just talk about your feelings, we suppose.

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