Sony’s World Cup trade-in

The World Cup isn’t just the biggest sporting event in the calendar, it’s the biggest sporting event in the world. Not only does it help to unite communities, countries and people, the fact that it only comes around once every four years makes it even more special.

If you didn’t know, there are only 46 days to go till kick off in South Africa. To help boost your viewing enjoyment (and sell a shed load of news sets) Sony have launched an electronic trade-in scheme. Simply take in your old electrical goods (anything will do) to Sony Centres, Comet, Curry’s, John Lewis or Tesco Extra and they take off up to £150 on a brand new Sony Bravia. And best of all it doesn’t matter if you used item works or not. KA- BOOM!

The scheme runs from April 29th until the first match on June 11th. Now you can watch England’s early demise in HD, yippee!

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