There are few things we in Europe can brag about that Americans don't have more of, or didn't have first. The welfare state. Haute cuisine. And, er, that's it. Oh, and there's Spotify.

Yes, hard as it seems to believe, everyone's favourite music service - it being the free one - has yet to launch in the US. Perhaps that's why Sony have decided to launch their own rival, Sony Music Unlimited.

Unlike Spotify, there's no free option. The same £9.99 a month gets you free choice of over 6 million tracks, or you can pay £3.99 a month for a sort-of-internet-radio offering.

So why would you want this rather than Spotify, if you're in lucky old Europe? Well, there is one very big reason, with a small name: PS3. Sony's service will be available right there in your PS3 dashboard, which is more than you can say for Spotify, despite the concerted efforts of various PS3 hackers and 'power users.' We'll be darned if that doesn't make Sony Music Unlimited sound pretty useful, albeit not necessarily worth 10 big ones a month...

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