Sony throws a curveball to join the tablet game

Sony might have announced a few foxy new smartphones this week, through SonyEricsson joint venture, but it’s been quiet on the tablet front – till now. Word has reached us of a sexy 9.4-inch Android tablet in the works with an unusual form factor.

The tablet has a crazy curved design, and looks a little bit like a magazine with one page folded back around the spine. The curve creates a space to stuff with electronics, apparently, and makes the tablet more comfortable to hold. We do wonder, though, whether it might make it a bit chunky to sling in a bag.

It sounds like the tablet – known only as the S1 – will be Sony- rather than SonyEricsson branded. In the long run, we wonder whether the coming of tablets will mean the end for the long-running joint venture – after all, if Sony want to present a full range of portables running Android of different sizes, it seems arbitrary for some to come from Sony and some from SonyEricsson. Mind you, Sony have never been known for a cautious or even logical approach to their product line…

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