Sony release PSP console, again!

When you think Sony, the PSP console isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Sony pride themselves on being one of the most loved video game console creators. The PS2 was one of the most successful consoles of all time, so much so they still release titles for it! The PS3 had a rocky start but after countless great exclusive titles they are now going strong. The same really cannot be said for the sony psp console.

They have had a run of ups and downs but have never really managed to incorporate them solidly into the Sony family. The PSP was originally very expensive and didn't really deliver on everything it had promised. As you can imagine, this pushed people away from the machine.

Another thing they have been criticised for is the countless re-hashing of the console. Tiny updates are constantly made as with Nintendo's D.S console, that make the games unplayable to the owners of the older model. Again, this lost a lot of votes with their clientèle.

This new PSP however, is not a simple re-hash. It is an entirely new system. Think PS2 to PS3 as a reference for the changes we are expecting to see. This is not an update it's the successor to the original. They are very confident that people will really take to this new experience. The codename at the moment is the NGP and many people have been wondering exactly what is under the hood.

The demos that have been shown of Uncharted have blown people away. Sony is claiming that the graphics will stand up to the PS3. While this is a nice way to sell, it simply isn't true. While the visuals are stunning for the size of the machine let's just quash any idea that it will rival the PS3 right now.

It looks like they are onto a winner with the new PSP but do they really know what they are selling? Did the first sony psp console fail due to high pricing? Or is the real problem that Sony haven't grasped the concept of handheld gaming?

When you look at the handheld market, the short, play for 5 minute games, reign supreme. Isn't that what portable gaming is all about? Who is really going to play through 20 hours of deep story at a bus stop on a tiny screen? Handheld gaming was always about 5 minute sessions; maybe this is the real hurdle that Sony has fallen at in the past. Are they doomed to the same fate this time around?

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