Save money with the sony ps3 250gb blu ray remote fifa bundle

Ever since Sony swapped up the original (and in our opinion ugly) Playstation 3 for the new slimline model, it has captured the public's heart, and sales have subsequently gone through the roof. There's never been a better time to invest in Sony's gaming giant, as the library of quality titles continues to grow and grow each week.

If you intend on buying, then you'll be delighted to hear there are a variety of excellent value bundles available in stores right now. Our pick of the bunch is the Sony PS3 250gb Blu Ray remote FIFA Soccer bundle.

This is a console bundle that some individual stores have started to offer, and it represents stunning value for what you get! In the bundle you'll get the 250 GB PS3 Slim console, which will allow you to save a massive amount of PSN games and movies with that amount of storage.

You'll also boost the multi media capabilities of your console with Sony's official Blu-Ray remote control, which will take the pain out of trying to control your films with a standard PS3 controller.

You'll also get a copy of the peerless FIFA 11 included in the package. FIFA 11 reviewed brilliantly last winter, and has comfortably de-throned Pro Evolution Soccer as the premier football title on home consoles. It will deliver hundreds of hours of addictive online gaming.

This bundle is available at various stores including Game and Argos, check your local store for prices and availability, you won't be disappointed!

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