Picking up a sony playstation slimline console?

After a shaky start, the Sony Playstation 3 has been clawing back ground in the console war with the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Part of the reason for the fightback has been the sony playstation slimline console launched in 2009.

The new slimline version of the popular Playstation 3 console brought a number of brilliant revisions to the hardware, as well as improving key gripes that many early adopters had with the console. Also, the size of the console was reduced, which was brilliant news considering the mammoth size and weight of the original Playstation 3.

The new slimline model comes in a wide variety of different configurations. You can pick it up with either a 120GB, 160 GB, 250 GB or a 320 GB hard drive pre-installed. It is one-third smaller, and one-third lighter than its predecessor an, best of all, consumes one-third less power than it's thirsty older brother!

With the smaller console, has come a smaller price! Early adopters who paid out over five hundred pounds may grimace, but it's possible to find a Playstation 3 for around half that price these days.

There are also a number of bundles available. The most common of these is the new Playstation Move bundle, which comes with the Playstation Move, Playstation Eye, and a demo disk.

For fans of racing, there is also a Gran Turismo bundle available in lots of stores. Different stores will carry different bundles, so it's always worth shopping around to get the best sony playstation slimline console price and choice!

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