Sony moves 8 million, er, Moves

When Sony launched its Move motion-sensing controller, it was a bit dismissed by critics. Sure, it's more precise than Nintendo's agenda-setting Wii, and it has pretty shiny lights. But once Microsoft released Kinect, having to hold a controller at all seemed kinda naff, or so the critics claimed.

Well, the sales figures say otherwise. Sony say they've sold a highly respectable 8 million Move controllers. That's not as many as the over 10 million Kinect add-ons Microsoft has sold - a figure, incidentally, which won Kinect the Guinness World Record for "fastest-selling consumer device in history." But it's still pretty good going.

And in another, more important stat, Sony has actually beaten Microsoft. The PlayStation3 was widely called overpowered and overpriced when it was released in 2006 - and it was really, really expensive. But over time as the XBox 360's sales have slowed, the PS3's have picked up. Sony say they've sold 50 million PS3 units worldwide. That's (a) a lot, and (b) almost certainly more than Microsoft has sold XBox 360s.

That's one-all, then. Will Sony's NGP portable deal the knockout blow?

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