Sony makes Apple look pony

When companies really want to dish some dirt on a rival's products, you'd think they would get some tech journalists 'on side' for some bad reviews, or maybe get some gamers to test drive the products and make public comparisons. But an advert deliberately slating what is unmistakably their biggest rival's product is one hell of a brave step: exactly as Sony has done against its main competitor, Apple.

In a new advert aimed at young gamers, one loser is showing off the latest game app on (what clearly is) an iPhone called 'Lame Castle', before being shot down in flames by 'Marcus Rivers', a teen in full command of his gaming senses, T3 reports.

iPods, Marcus points out, are only good for 'texting your Grandma and calling your girl.' Yowsers.

Sony has been annoyed at the popularity of the app download and with more and more independent game designers being rewarded for creating the latest app fad for iPhones, the competition for the best gaming device is stiff. A slew of games now available for the PSP on the cheap will certainly sweeten the PSP promise for serious gaming.

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