Check out some of the offers available at the Sony laptops sale UK

If you're trying to pick up one of Sony's excellent VIAO laptops then you're probably wondering if there are any Sony laptops sale UK going on right now. Unfortunately, there aren't, but this doesn't mean you can't still pick up a brilliant Sony VIAO laptop at a reasonable price. We believe we've found just the one for you, and in this blog we'll be showing you.

Very are offering probably the best deals on Sony laptops online right now, and you can find them at very.co.uk. They are currently offering an excellent Sony Viao from the EB Series for the reasonable price of £499, saving you a whopping £100 off of the recommended retail price.

This laptop comes absolutely wedged with features as you'd expect. You get an Intel Pentium P6100 processor, 4GB memory and 320GB hard drive. This laptop packs a serious grunt, and is capable of putting out gorgeous High Definition visuals thanks to the 15.5" VIAO display, with a max resolution of (1366 x 768).

If you'll be using Skype, then this is the perfect laptop, as it comes with a built in microphone and webcam, meaning you won't have to spend anything extra on expensive add-ons. It also runs on Windows 7 Home Premium, meaning you'll be running the most up to date and powerful operating system on this laptop.

For this, and other great deals on Sony VIAO laptops, check out Very's website now, before these deals disappear for good!

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