We review the Sony Vaio laptop EE3EOE

Sony's reputation for delivering excellent, high-end laptops has been around for years now, thanks mainly to their phenomenally successful Vaio range. This collection of laptops has offered not only great specifications but also wonderfully eye catching designs since it made its debut all those years ago. Today we are going to take a look at one of the latest additions to the family in the Sony Vaio laptop EE3EOE.

The 15.5 inch Sony Vaio laptop EE3EOE certainly lives up to expectations on the aesthetics side anyway. On first glance you'll be enchanted by the sleek curves and gorgeous finish of the 37 x 369 x 248 mm body, as well as the surprisingly svelte 2.7 kg weight it registers. While it's certainly not close to the measurements of a lightweight netbook, it certainly does promote portability, which is always a bonus with a laptop.

The processor is an AMD Athlon II dual core P340 which runs at 2.2 GHz and is ably supported by a reasonable 3GB of DDR3 RAM. The hard drive is a sufficiently large 320 GB SATA drive, which should offer enough space for your essential files, but will probably need to be supplemented by an external drive should you plan on building a large digital movie or music collection.

The whole thing is driven by the excellent Windows 7 Premium which has gone a long way to removing the bad memory of a distinctly poor showing from Vista, especially when it came to portable devices and laptops.

The only real downside for us is the disappointing battery which will only offer you around three and a half hours in optimal conditions - hardly ideal for anyone who needs to use their laptop on the move, and quite poor in comparison to some other laptops in this price range.

It comes with a wide range of software pre-installed that should offer you plenty of entertainment whether your speciality is music, photography, movies, gaming, learning or business.

For the price, the Sony Vaio laptop EE3EOE certainly offers a lot of bang for your buck, unfortunately the small hard drive and somewhat limited battery means that it is only ideal for occasional users seeking something a little bigger and more powerful than a netbook, but who don't want to spend huge money on a top of the range laptop.

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