Sony fights back

We reported yesterday that anyone who wanted to get involved with a bit of naughty PS3 jailbreaking could have the time of their lives if they have a Palm Pre or a Nokia N900, and we even posted video evidence to prove it. It was a beautiful thing.

However, Sony clearly didn’t view it as honourably as we and other gadget/video game sites did, and now have released the new mandatory Firmware update 3.42 that offers nothing to your system other than ‘system software stability’. We wonder why that was done?

Oh yes, it was because they wanted to close another gap where the PS3 Jailbreak had wormed its sneaky little way into. It’s worked too, striking a blow for honest gamers/those who don’t care about backwards compatibility with PS2 games. Needless to say, we’re a bit cheesed off – anyone want a Nokia N900?

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