What is the best model of Sony Ericsson quick share mobile phone

If you're looking for a stunning Android mobile phone with a brilliant range of extras and cutting edge technology, then we recommend you check out the current range of Sony Ericsson quick share mobile phone as they are probably the best all round models on the market right now.

Whether you're looking for a cheap phone, or the very best in technology, Sony Ericsson's current Xperia range caters for all possible needs. They all run on the brilliant Android smartphone hardware which is threatening to surpass Apple's IOS as the operating system of choice for tech enthusiasts around the world.

The entry level mobile in this range is the impressive Sony Ericsson X8, which is currently retailing for around £100. Despite the low price, this phone is rammed with features, including a 3" touchscreen, full Wi-Fi compatibility, a gorgeous 3.2 mega pixel camera, and full compatibility with all the apps on the Android store including the Facebook and Gmail apps. It's perfect for anyone just looking for a phone with a few extras.

The next step up from this phone is the small but perfectly formed Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro. This phone's compact size delivers a host of brilliant extras including a full QWERTY keyboard, a 5 mega pixel camera with flash, an FM Radio, the option to expand the memory, and it's Quadband, so it will work anywhere in the world. It's available for roughly £130 on Pay As You Go.

The top model in the Xperia family right now is the Xperia Arc, which is available for around £350. This phone has a simply gorgeous 8.1 MP HD Camera, it runs on the latest version of the Android operating system, it has full GPS capability, and it has a vibrant Sony Bravia display.

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