Sony ebooks, why carry a hardback?

Sony ebooks have been the perfect addition to any lover of books collection. While you will not have the physical copy of the book, it is downloadable in digital form. A lot of people still love to have the real copy but carry an ebook version for reading on the go.

Ebooks have taken over big time thanks to their portability. All you need nowadays to carry an entire library is one ebook reader. This is small potatoes when you think of how much space two regular books would take in a suitcase. An ebook reader can be taken anywhere because they are so slim. They also have massive battery capability due to the tiny amount needed to power an ebook reader.

These machines have become a major necessity in most peoples lives because they are so easy to transport. They are perfect for a business trip, a holiday or just to read while on a bus.

If you are new to the ebooks phenomenon then don't be afraid to just get stuck in and download some of Sony's free book collection. This is a great way to get started before you make any purchases. Sony have an entire section on their website dedicated to free ebooks so be sure to grab a few.

Once you get used to the set up, it is just as easy to start purchasing and building your library of ebooks up. There are endless amounts on offer so have fun hunting down your faves!

 (photo © Flickr)

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