Which Sony Digital SLR Camera Should You Buy?

About Sony

Sony is a Japanese corporation based in Tokyo and founded in 1946.  Famous for manufacturing electronics such as televisions, games consoles and digital cameras, the name "Sony" comes from "sonus", the Latin word for sound and also the English word "sonny".

Sony DSLRs

Sony directly compete with other big name brands such as Nikon, Canon and Olympus.  To differentiate themselves from the pack, Sony entitled their DSLR cameras as the "Alpha" range, of which they are entry-level, intermediate and professional options.

Entry-level models are primarily for beginners due to their cheaper price and ease of use.  Certain features may be missing, such as a extendable LiveView LCD screen and compatibility with certain lenses, but entry-level cameras are by no means a disgrace.  Intermediate options offer a step up from the consumer range, sometimes referring to itself as the "prosumer" collection and of course, the very end end cameras are the most expensive and are often only used by full-time professionals.

Which Camera Is Right For You?

If you are new to photography, don't be afraid to start out with an entry-level model.  It may feel like you are missing out, but a large majority of photography can be achieved by any DSLR camera kit - price often pays for freedom and efficiency, rather than offering more options.

It is also true that a camera lens can be just as if not more important than the body it is attached to.  It's easy to neglect this fact if you're a beginner, but choosing your lens is perhaps more important than selecting your camera body.

Many cameras these days extend their features to offer HD video recording and this is a superb addition to match the digital era, however, keep in mind that you will need to ensure your camera body has accessory slots such as microphone ports and memory card slots if you want to engage in professional recording.

Sony promises their cameras are easy to use due to their Transparent Mirror Technology, which Sony claims enables the highest potential quality from a DSLR camera.  Other features include full-frame imaging, clearer hand-held photos, friendly software and PlayStation 3 connectivity, making storing and sharing photographs easy.

Beginner models tend to offer features such as image stabilisation, with megapixels touching the lower teens.  Intermediate cameras offer higher megapixel resolutions in the mid-teens, while the highest end cameras can reach almost 25 megapixels.

Whatever you are looking for, there is a Sony digital SLR camera out there for you - it's just a case of finding the one that suits you best!

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