Have you seen Sony's range of Digital Photo Frames?

Sony's Digital photo frames are a fantastic invention to put it mildly. From the makers of the PlayStation 3, these pieces of equipment change the way we view photographs, but not only that, it is changing the way our homes and workplaces look.

These photo frames are a super versatile digital photo frame. This piece of technology could make the personal printed photo in a frame obsolete before long. It has a simple spec but it is the idea that makes it ingenious.

These Sony Digital Photo Frames have a 20.3cm clear photo LCD screen. There is 256MB of space to play with. This is the equivalent of roughly 500 photographs. There is also a function where you can easily search through your images and put them on rotation.

The reason that this piece of kit is essential is that the cost of printing photographs and having them framed is nothing short of ridiculous. For a one off price you can have infinite pictures at your fingertips. You can select which picture you want to see and for how long. The digital frame stands in as a beautiful, modern photo frame and with the crisp clear quality of the pictures; it quite simply cannot be beaten by its predecessor.

Photos can be uploaded to the frame memory by two equally convenient interfaces. You can use an SD memory card or a USB 2.0 cable to transfer your photos. It is quick and easy and doesn't have a single downside. You can't go wrong by snapping up a Sony Digital Photo Frame.

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