Make a Gift Out Of a Sony Digital Photo Frame

In comparison to other brands on the market, the thing that stands out most in a Sony digital photo frame is its appearance. Every model has been carefully styled to a decidedly glossy and elegant finish. This unobtrusive styling means that it doesn’t look out of place in the most traditional of houses.

Picture Quality

Unarguably, the most important function of digital photo frames is to display images. For the best quality photo display capability, choose a high resolution and an LED backlit frame. The LCD screen on a digital photo frame does not produce its own light, so it needs some form of illumination to make the image visible. Choose an LED backlit model from Sony's range of digital photo frames for the most beautiful image display possible.

Sensory Stimulation

Why make your digital photo frame a visual experience only? Choose a frame with high-quality stereo speakers and HD capability to enjoy watching your favourite videos too. Just slot in a thumb drive, sit back and relax. Some models even allow you to integrate videos and photos to create a unique slideshow. Many digital frames also include Wi-Fi so you can download new photos right from the Internet.


Some frame models offer much more than the ability to view your favourite photos and videos. Many digital frames include a clock, calendar and even the temperature for more practical versatility. This can be great for getting some of the clutter off your desk.

It’s the perfect gift. Nearly everyone has already splashed out on a digital camera. With a stylish Sony digital photo frame to complement it, you can get even more out of your investment.

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