Sony digital camera: which model is best?

When it comes to digital cameras, Sony are up there with the best. Their Sony digital camera Cybershot range isn’t designed for professionals, but they are ideal for those that want pictures of their children growing up or great shots from their holidays and pictures of family and friends.

The Cybershot is a great way to go. They have the H series which are high performance cameras. These cameras have a combination of a powerful optical zoom and image sensors. The range also includes high megapixel cameras and wide angle cameras.

They have the T series and J series, which are part of their sleek and stylish range. They are slim and stylish and all have sliding panels to protect the lens. They are perfect for a night out or bringing along on holiday.

Their biggest range is the W series which are compact and powerful cameras. They can easily fit in your pocket and also have the advantage of being powerful enough to make HD quality pictures and movies effortlessly.

Many of the cameras are capable of producing 3D images from one lens. When you push the button, it shoots two images at different focus settings. It can then tell the difference between foreground and background and creates a 3D image.

The newest range, prices range from £89.00 to £429.00. Their website is great for helping you pick which Cybershot is best for you - you can filter the search by features of the camera, zoom, LCD screen size, price and even colour, making it easier to find your perfect camera.

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