Sony dcrsx30r camcorder, all you need to know!

Why are we so happy with the Sony dcrsx30r camcorder? Well, Sony are hugely popular with people when it comes to camcorders. They have released a great range of low-cost and professional camcorders; people just can't seem to get enough of them.

Even on the lower end of the scale they have still been producing cameras of great quality. This makes them a really good option for families looking to buy a camcorder for their holidays or even novice film makers.

The Sony dcrsx30r camcorder is the perfect blend of quality and affordability. This camera can be scooped up for as little as £150 and for that you are getting a fine little camcorder indeed.

This is a gorgeous, slim, sleek and compact camera, with truly great functionality regardless of price. You can expect a 60x optical zoom and a 2000x digital zoom. You can see what you are shooting on the ultra clear 2.7inch LCD screen. The camera uses 4GB of internal storage upon purchase but has a Duo Card slot for expansion.

The camera is very easy to use with a great menu system and simple button layout. All you have to do to get your files off the camera is plug into your PC via standard USB 2.0 cable. It has a full range auto and manual focus and tonnes of exposure and fade modes.

This really is the little camera that kept on giving. It has bundles of options, great software to get setup and really easy to use controls. The sony dcrsx30r is the perfect first time camcorder for any film maker or family.

Sony are famed for their high quality products in both the professional range and the low end of the price spectrum, this camcorder really is no exception!

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