The Sony dcrsr58ex handycam camcorder 80gb hdd silver: Memories for life

The sony dcrsr58ex handycam camcorder 80gb hdd silver is a beautiful piece of audio/visual technology from the makers of the PlayStation 3. It is bursting at the seams with features. It is a SD (standard definition) camcorder which harnesses the finest electronics to revolutionize the way we capture memories.

The sony dcrsr58ex handycam camcorder 80gb hdd silver has a colossal 80GB internal hard drive, allowing you to record up to 60 hours of video, covering all your favourite events. The camcorder has 60x optical zoom so you can record close up shots in perfect, undistorted clarity. Sony?s built in technology ensures that your shot remains crisp as you follow the action.

The 80GB internal hard drive is so vast that it holds roughly 2.5 days of footage. For the recreational user this really covers almost anything you?d like. When shooting in different lights and scenes you may need a little extra help to get that perfect quality you?re looking for. The sony dcrsr58ex handycam camcorder 80gb hdd silver comes with intuitive features that adjust the camera?s settings to deliver flawless tones and settings.

The sony dcrsr58ex handycam camcorder 80gb hdd silver, for all its technological complexities is so easy transport and film with. It is lightweight and compact, easy to throw in a bag and its features make its full utilization easier so you can concentrate on the action.

We have all got a bit excited while trying to capture a memory on a camcorder or camera. Sony has factored this in to the sony dcrsr58ex handycam camcorder 80gb hdd silver. It has Steady Shot stabilizer technology. This corrects any sudden movement in the camera to allow for crisp, blur-free picture quality.

When you have all your shooting done for a day and you?d like to share your content with friends or family, you can do so with incredible ease. Just use the USB 2.0 connection and the included Picture Motion Browser software to arrange, edit and share your memories.

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