Bring Your Photos To Life With A Sony D80 Digital Photo Frame

Your precious photos need not gather dust on your hard drive when you can display them with a Sony D80 digital photo frame. Digital photo frames allow the user to load snaps from holiday, parties and more onto it. Then it will display them on its LCD screen, just like a traditional picture within a frame!

The great part is, you are not limited to showing just one photo. At the touch of a button, the display on the Sony d80 digital photo frame can be set to show a static image, a random one or a series in a slideshow fashion. An internal memory can store around 500 pictures. By inserting an SD card or memory stick preloaded with images, it allows even more to be available for showing.


Import images from pc or camera

256 MB internal memory

8 Inch LCD screen

Auto-orientation for correct display

Remote control Calendar /clock display option

Mains powered

Operating the Sony D80 digital photo frame settings can be done manually from the rear control panel or via the remote control. Possible functions include setting the images to display singly or slideshow etc. In the clock mode, a calendar or digital/analogue clock can be added too.

One really cool feature is auto-orientation. The image will be automatically rotated to ensure it is shown the correct way up horizontally or landscape. Thanks to the superb quality of the photo frame’s LCD screen images are rendered in truly vivid colour and crisp detail.

Where to buy?

The Sony d80 digital photo frame retails for around £140 but better deals are available online.

http://www.purelygadgets.co.uk/Sony-DPF-D80-8-inch-Digital-Photo-Frame-(Black)/mainproduct/view/29150- offers this item at £138.99

http://webbasket.co.uk/product.php?id_product=166 stocks the item at £119.99

Other online retailers such as play.com, Amazon.co.uk, and ebay often have used models of the Sony D80 digital photo frame for sale for even bigger bargains.

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