We take a look at Sony compact digital cameras

The Sony Cyber-shot is the first choice for many people when it comes to digital cameras because of the picture quality, style and the competitive price tag. Sony have three main ranges of Cyber-shot: the sleek and stylish range, the high performance range and the compact and powerful range. Here we will have a look at their latest range of Sony compact digital cameras.

The W series is Sony's most compact and powerful Cyber-shots. The latest W series cameras are available from the Sony Store from £79 to £279.

The cheapest on offer is the W510 Digital compact camera, available for £79 from the Sony store. This camera is well priced for what you are getting. It is 12.1 megapixels and has a 4x optical zoom and a 26mm wide angle. It features a 6.7cm LCD screen and is available in pink, red, black or silver. The "intelligent Auto" (iAUTO) automatically changes exposure and other settings to produce the best picture possible. It is also capable of panoramic images with the Sweep Panorama mode.

The WX10 Digital compact camera is the most expensive in the range, going for £279 from the Sony store. This is an epic camera for the price, capable of full HD movies and with the ability to take 3D pictures even in Panorama mode. It is 16.2 megapixels and available in black or gold. It can take amazing images at low light (which older models of the Cyber-shot had problems with). Its Superior Auto mode makes it much easier for non professional photographers as it simply selects the best settings for every picture.

The rest of the cameras in the W series are all worth a look, so check them out at sony.co.uk to find a Sony compact digital camera to suit your needs and budget.


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