Sony clock radios: An Alarm clock radio that get you moving in the morning

Sony are world renowned as pioneers of audio and visual technology. Now Sony have turned their hands to alarm clock radios to see if they can improve upon the tried and tested standard. Of course they could. Sony alarm clock radios don?t deviate hugely from the original but rather they add intelligent features to make rising and shining that little bit easier.

Most Sony alarm clock radios feature a line in for assorted music players as well as a facility for CD-R/RW playback. So you can wake up to whatever music you want, be it your favourite album or morning radio show.

Sony alarm clock radios feature a built-in Lithium battery, allowing the clock to maintain the correct time, so no need to worry if the power cuts out or you need to transport it. The built in calendar also recognizes daylight savings time for whatever time zone you allocate.

Sony has also built in a feature that allows their sleepy customer more control over their wake-up. Dual alarms with alarm indicator allows the individual to set their own separate wake times and wake-up settings.

Instead of being help prisoner by your feature free alarm clock radio, Sony has installed a feature that allows you to choose your own snooze intervals. Sony alarm clock radios are so cooperative you might never want to get up in the morning.

However, then you wouldn?t get to set your eyes on the stylish aesthetic that a Sony alarm clock radio adds to your room. Sony?s range comes in all different shapes and sizes. They are smart, stylish, compact and understated but an essential piece of kit to get you moving in the morning.

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