Sony Chile PS3 Nazi ad, divebombs

Sony has decided to stir up some controversy with its advertising again, letting loose the oily snakes of marketing on an unsuspecting and dying-to-be-outraged public.

They’ve already been accused of racism by suggesting ‘the whites are coming’ in a PSP ad, and blasted for providing suicide instructions during the same campaign, but now they’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel by depicting a gamer giving a blood transfusion to a Nazi in a Chilean ad campaign.

Now, the Nazi in question might be one Erwin Rommel, who was an officer (and not really a Nazi at all) and who was famed for his humane treatment of PoWs and refusal to kill Jewish civilians during WWII. However, most people won’t know who he is or what kind of chap he was, and will only see the swastika and freak out. So really it’s a bit of a poor show all round. Bad Sony.

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