Features of the Sony Camcorder Handycam

The video camera concept created by Sonycombines a video recorder and camera into the same device. The Sony camcorder handycam is identified as a video camera recording player. It is unique whereas the video camcorder is portable, compact and shoots quality film compared to expensive, larger video camera models. Another main feature of this portable camcorder is that video is captured through storage media such as memory cards, SD cards or a hard drive. Traditional video cameras used magnetic tape or a cassette to capture film.

Optical Lens

The lens is the focal point of the video camera. It features the aperture which controls how much light is exposed and view finding depth. The lens is also adjusted by the zoom feature which allows you to focus on various angles. Another feature of the lens is the shutter speed which regulates how fast an image is filmed. The Sony Camcorder Handycam offers a 29.8 mm lens which offers high performance filming. This type of lens allows for shooting at wide angles and delivering quality images.

Recording Devices

Older versions of the Sony Handycam used mini cassettes to record film. This type of cassette was produced and manufactured by Sony in the 1980s. Today, Sony still manufacturers compact cassette tapes for various versions of their handycams. However, cassettes are being phased out for higher quality digital and HD (high definition) media storage devices. The media storage tools used in the HD Sony Handycam versions HDR-CX300 and HDR-CX550V include 16 gigabyte and 64 gigabyte hard drives respectively.


Prices range for the Sony camcorder Handycam between $900 to $1,250. The price differences are based on the storage capacity and image quality. The more expensive handycam would have a higher mega pixel sensor. The higher the megapixels the more granular and finer the image will be captured and viewed. Additionally, the video camera with the larger disk drive will incur more costs. Costs in the $1,200 range will have a 240 gigabyte hard disk drive. This allows you to store more video and shoot film for a longer period of time without having to download or insert a fresh new hard drive.


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