Sonic the Hedge-bog

Nintendo may have conquered the video gaming world with the Wii, but old rival Sega has hit back with a video game console powered by WEE.

Yes, trust the Japanese to introduce video gaming into one of the few spheres of life currently left unvirtualised. Their new video game device, dubbed 'Toylets', goes in, yes the toilet. The screens sit on a urinal wall and the games are 'controlled' by a pressure sensor in the urinal itself - the harder you wee, the better you do.

According to a bemused Engadget, the game selection includes 'one where the intensity of your delivery helps blow a girl's skirt up and another that offers multiplayer competition. The latter game matches you against the previous dude to have used the porcelain repository.' So you can see how you measure up against your boss or father-in-law. Awkward.

This may be a little hard to visualise, so check out this video. (The 'player' is not, we stress, a real wee-ing person.)

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