Sometimes The Most Ridiculous-Looking Gadgets Are The Most Useful

How much of a geek are you, really? This might be quite an appropriate test. Have a look at this. Does this strike you as (a) incredibly sensible and useful? Or (b) the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen?

In fairness, you can see the logic behind this crazy laptop-bag-cum-desk. If you're stuck in an airport or at a conference, tapping away uncomfortably on your lap, frying your private parts in the process, you can probably see the appeal of a laptop bag that turns into a self-contained mini-desk. And it has a cup-holder! We reckon this is aimed at journalists and other professional wait-arounders.

But still. Really? You're really going to slide your MacBook Air out of this? Well, if you're geek enough, it's available now for about £60.

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