Something's up

Maybe we're paying more attention that we used to, but it seems these days that nary a day goes by without an Apple or Facebook special event to get excited about. (Yes, we're massive nerds.) Well, this week's gonna be a blast - there's both!

Not only are Facebook (probably) releasing their long-rumoured email service today, but Apple are releasing... well, we're not sure. They've sent out a thing which promises 'an exciting announcement from iTunes.' Now, a once-sleek-now-hopelessly-bloated piece of music software seems an odd source of excitement, but just in case our juices aren't flowing, Apple have also included this faintly OTT slogan:

'Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget.'

What does it all mean? The Beatles finally on sale through iTunes? The most likely thing is some sort of cloud service, so music you buy on iTunes - and maybe other music too - can be streamed anywhere. But one thing is for sure, dear reader: we'll let you know as soon as we know tomorrow.

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