Something to give thanks for

Bloody Americans. Not only do they get to spend today sitting at home noshing on Turkey - and giving a bit of thanks - but tomorrow they get to race to the shops and pick up some bargains on what's come to be known as 'Black Friday.' Just to drive ourselves crazy, why don't we take a look and see what deals they're going to get?

Engadget has helpfully listed some of the best deals. There's over $100 off Toshiba laptops; an $1899 46-inch TV for just $1520, with a free Blu-Ray player; or 30% off desktop computers from newegg.com.

Plus, you can get an older model of Kindle for a ridiculous $89, while Borders bookseller is offering $30 off a bunch of different e-readers.

All in all, it's almost enough to make it worth hopping on a plane to New York - if you spent enough money you could save back the cost of the ticket...

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