Something new in tablet world - 3D

There are hardly any tablets available yet - in terms of major manufacturers, it's just the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad - but we're already sick of talking about them. My some counts, over 80 manufacturers are set to release tablets in the next year, mostly running Google's Android operating system. They all boast either 7in or 10in screens, they're all fairly thin and light, they're all... the same. Is anyone going to do anything new?

Well, yes, it turns out. LG, the Korean manufacturer that's become a low-key but consistent producer of Android smartphones, is planning something rather special for its tablet: 3D.

Yes, according to some recent leaks, the company's upcoming G-Slate (that's probably just a codename) will have a 3D screen. There seems to be some confusion over whether it'll need glasses or not - one source says not, but another says 3D glasses will be available for it - but it definitely seems to be getting some sort of stereoscopic on.

We can't imagine what the makers of Wired magazine's whizzy iPad app will do with this opportunity, but in general, as long as it doesn't destroy the battery life, 3D seems like a nice tablet addition. After all, as Engadget puts it, 'If 3D and tablets are the two unstoppable forces of modern consumer electronics, doesn't it make sense to meld them into one, fearsome, trendsetting device?'

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