Some very nerdy news that you should be very excited about

Here's a nerdy sentence, courtesy of Engadget:

'Qualcomm... is on track to ship a 1.5GHz dual-core QSD8672 chip prior to the dawn of 2011.'

Let us translate. Qualcomm is a US chip-making giant that specialises in making chips for mobile devices. The 'SD' in 'QSD8672' stands for 'Snapdragon,' the type of chip that powers lots of sexy smartphones, including the HTC Droid Incredible and the SonyEricsson XPeria 10.

'1.5GHz' is 50% faster than the 1GHz speed of today's Snapdragons.

In other words - wait for it - faster smartphones! Long before the iPhone 5 makes its debut, Android users can look forward to whizzy-fast browsing and gaming as of early next year.

You see? We told you it was exciting.

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