Some sexy from Samsung

Ladies and gentlemen: we're excited. We've shown you lots of Android tablets over the last few months, and none of them have seemed a worthy rival to the iPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tab looked and felt too much like an overgrown mobile phone; the Motorola Xoom looks powerful, but feels too nerdy; and don't get us started on the Dell Streak.

But this might just be the Android tab to bring the fight to Apple, not just on specs and software but also in the crucial area of design. Samsung have just released a teaser image of their new 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab big brother, and it looks super-foxy. By which, in the world of tablets much like in fashion, we mean thin.

How thin exactly we don't know for sure, but the teaser seems to show a device that's so thin it has to curve up to make room for the headphone socket. That would put it on a par with the new 8.8mm iPad 2.

Of course, the iPad 2 is bigger, at 9.7 inches. And if some loose talk from a Samsung executive last week is anything to go by, Samsung are worried about how thick their most direct iPad rival, the upcoming 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 10.1, is going to be. So you can't blame them for focusing on thin-ness with the promotion for this one.

Anyway, the full picture should be revealed on March 22nd at a big Samsung event in Florida. Pop back for the full, er, skinny.

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