Soldier's fake claims exposed on Facebook

Jim McAuley, a former member of the the Army Catering Corps, has resigned after his claims on Facebook to be an ex-member of the SAS and the Paras were exposed as the work of an overactive imagination.

Writing on his Facebook page, McAuley, said that he had taken part in the battle of Goose Green during the Falklands conflict and was part of the SAS team during the London Iranian Embassy siege.

McAuley's Walter Mittiesque fantasies were exposed when serving soldiers posed as a woman called Jenny Glibert and made contact with the ex-adult instructor at Lancashire Army Cadet Force. The 50-year-old bragged about having killed over 100 people and of taking part in the first Gulf War.

The soldiers demanded an apology from McAuley threatening to expose him to the media. McAuley has since apologised for his actions and was forced to quit his post.

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