Software for printing

Today when you buy a printer nearly all of the printers will come bundled with a CD that contains all the data and drivers that you need to print from your PC or Mac to your printer.

However, we all know that things can be lost. Discs can go missing or become broken in house or office moves and if you have to reinstall everything on your computer including Software for Printing this can become a problem.

Software printing normally involves the Printer brand packaging its own software and drivers to control the printer.

If you find yourself without this software there are a couple of things you can do.

Connect the printer to your PC (this may be via usb or serial port or perhaps even over a local area connection).

The PC should recognise the printer and you can tell the PC to search the internet automatically for the correct drivers.

If this fails you can manually search the internet for the correct driver. Be sure to only download drivers from your printer's manufacturers website to ensure no viruses can infect your PC. You will need the exact make and model of the printer you are using but searching on Google can help you in this process.

For more specialised needs, such as converting documents into PDF format or printing files over networks which offical software provided by manufacturers does not support you can search for drivers on websites such as download.cnet.com which provides free, safe software printing options.



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