Sod the new iPhone - here's a really useful new gadget

Oh, good, my toast is ready! Oh, no it's not. I'll just pop it down for a few more seconds. Now, where did I put my tea? DAMN! My toast is burnt!

Is this you, dear reader? It's certainly us, every bloody morning. But no more, thanks to this ultra-ingenious new toaster that's just gone on sale stateside. It has glass sides so you can see exactly what stage your toast is in the soft-to-burnt transition, and dive over and pop it up at the perfect moment.

With an extra-thick slot for baguettes, crumpets and the like, the Magimix Vision will revolutionise your breakfast time. And we reckon watching a Pop Tart's sugary sprinkles boil and sizzle would make for a pretty nifty lava lamp, too...

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