Oh come oooooooooon! We can't take this. After the crushing realisation a few months ago that Apple weren't going to show off a new iPhone at WWDC in June, we resigned ourselves to waiting till September to glimpse the latest sexy slice of silicon - and made do with interpreting, runes-style, the various stories doing the rounds about the iPhone 5, a possible iPhone 4S, a possible iPhone nano, and lots of other nonsense that probably won't happen. September, we told ourselves. All the clever people are saying September. Just wait for September.

But if new reports from AllThingsDigital are to be believed, we're not going to get our hands on the new iPhone until October! Groan. According to their sources, the street's the place to go the iPhone 5 isn't due to appear till mid-to-late October, regardless of what you've heard otherwise.

Is this true? Oh, who knows at this point? As usual, Apple has pulled off an ingenious marketing coup pretty much by accident. By keeping us on our toes as to the date we'll see the iPhone 5 they've ensured an orgy of attention when it finally appears - even if it ultimately turns out to be a pretty conservative update. Of course, when it does appear, there's the question of whether it'll be accompanied by yet another new iPad, as has also been rumoured. We're not holding our breath for that one.

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