Sneak Pre-Veer-iew

The HP TouchPad, the artist formerly known as the 'Palm tablet', would have got geeks salivating even on its own. But PC giant HP dropped a triple-whammy yesterday. As well as its new tablet, it showed off not one but two new smartphones.

The first was the Pre 3, the sequel to the currently-on-sale-but-not-really-available-in-the-UK-because-none-of-the-networks-actually-carry-it Pre 2. It adopts the same lovely form factor as its predecessors, with a slide-out portrait keyboard (Palm became famous with portrait keyboards, so don't expect them to knock out an Android-style QWERTY slider any time soon). But it's slightly bigger, with a 3.6-in screen and a keyboard described by Engadget as 'absolutely fantastic.' There's a spec bump, too, to a dual-core processor, so the Pre 3 should be a pretty nice thing to have once it comes out in Summer.

What if you're a petite lady, though, and want a petite lady-sized phone? This, we suspect, is the market HP are targeting with the Veer, the Pre 3's pint-sized cousing. With a screen of just 2.6 inches, it's the size of a credit card, but it's packing the full WebOS experience and Engadget 'came away stuffed impressed by the power of the tiny machine.'

Looks like HP have put together a couple of beauties.

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