Smoker's delight

We've almost given up telling you about daft new iPhone cases, but every now and then one comes along which is so silly we just feel obliged to draw it to your attention. Like the iHit.

The iHit is a case for your iPhone. It doesn't really protect it, particularly. It's not waterproof or shockproof. It doesn't make it look like a cassette tape, or Optimus Prime, or an Etch-A-Sketch.

What it does do, oddly enough, is hold a cigarette. Or, more realistically, a joint. As CNET points out:

The name says it all. The iHit is an iPhone 4 case intended to hold one joint, presumably for emergency use. Of course, it could also hold a single standard tobacco cigarette, but think of the serious smokers you know. They'd need about 24 iPhone cases a day to cope with their habit. The iHit is for the wake-and-bakers. If you're confronted with a jonesing Grateful Dead fan threatening to play an endless guitar solo if he doesn't take a trip to the laughing tree, you can whip out the iHit.

That's American for 'this is for drugs.' Mind you, we actually think this could be useful for smokers. We're trying to give up, and every now and then it'd be useful to have just one cigarette on us so we could meet our cravings without buying a pack of ten and then throwing the rest away. But whether it'd be worth carrying around a bloated, thick phone case, I doubt.

So there you go. The iHit is a thing which exists. Make of that what you will.

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