Why can't I find Smeg electric fires?

Smeg electric fires unfortunately do not exist - Smeg deal only in gas fireplaces. But maybe gas might be worth considering... Smeg are know all across the UK for their quality build and great price point.

The Smeg P23CL Portrait Classic Flueless Gas Fire is one of the most popular models of fireplace that Smeg do, and for this reason it has always been floating around the £899 price range. This is an incredible price for this particular model considering the craftsmanship and the features.

It has a maximum output of up to 2K and has an efficiency rating of 100% thanks to the fact that the whole system runs on natural gas. This fireplaces is a beautiful thing to look at. It has a realistic flame effect, retro style design with a glass case and stainless steel finish.

The whole system has behind with safety in mind - thanks to the oxygen depletion sensors and the flame failure device you can feel safe with your gas fire, knowing that you are covered should anything go wrong.

This is a beautiful fireplace that fits snugly on any wall. The slimline projection means that even when it isn't recessed into the wall it is only 149mm over. Now that's a real slimline fireplace!

Hit up the 'Fireplace Megastore' and look it up, we forgot to mention there is currently an additional £300 off! While Smeg electric fires would be a great thing, for now it's gas only - check them out for yourself at the Fireplace Megastore.

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