Smartphones go to India

Poor India. It may be the world's fastest-growing country, with one of its fastest-growing economies, and boast an emerging middle class hungry for cutting-edge technology; but it often has to wait ages to actually get the coolest new things. A case in point? The iPhone 4. Almost a year after it was released in the US, and months after it was released in Europe, India is finally getting its hands on the iPhone 4 at the end of this week. Operator AirTel is offering the phone on an unusual reverse-subsidy basis. Buyers will spend a whopping $763 on the phone, only to make some money back through credits over the course of their contract.

But what about Android lovers? Well, they're not being left out of the fun either. Samsung's Galaxy S II, the Android phone widely believed to be the first to really best the iPhone, is coming out in India in June.

All in all, it's not a bad day to be Indian.

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